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Comenius countries currencies

SUBJECT: Economy
TEACHER: Mª Isabel Martínez Peñarroja
LEVEL : 1st Batxillerat (16 years old)
NAME OF ACTIVITY: Comenius currencies of yesterday and today.

STATE OF THE ACTIVITY: Finished (April 2013).

The studends of 1st batxillerat (Economics)  will choose a Comenius country by peers to study some aspects of their economic situation,
such as:
- Common and different elements of Comenius countries currencies (what the symbols mean, to identify architectonic elements, 
who are the persons that appear in their coins and notes).
They also will do exercices about convertion rates.
Economics indicators: GDP ,  National Rent, Budget Deficit, Inflation Rate,...
The aim of this activity is the knowledge of the currencies and the main economic facts of the participant Comenius countries, and
understanding the advantages of using a common currency. The research of accurate data will let them discover new aspects of life
and will help them to overcome previous stereotypes about these nations.
They will also carry out a workshop to explain their fellows what they have learned in April  2013.
They will create a Prezi or a Power-Point presentation.