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Comenius countries climates & biomes

SUBJECT: Geography
TEACHER: Eduardo Riol

LEVEL: 3rd ESO (14 years old)

NAME OF ACTIVITY: Comenius countries climates & biomes


Students will study the climate and the biomes of the Comenius countries. This is a way to better know the physical environment of the participant countries. Pupils will be able to understand the role of climate, fauna and flora in each country. In this way, they will discover that our countries are extremely diverse and rich in terms of biodiversity. Learning about the climate will help them to understand why people live as they do, and so, they will break preconceived point of view about the other nationalities.

They will create two different products:

1.      A Powerpoint or Prezi presentation.

-          The presentation must have some 12 slides (apart from the title slide, where they will include the name of the country you have chosen and the name of the students of your group)

-          They will show and explain the PPT/Prezi at the classroom in December 2012.

2.      A panel where they will gather the main aspects of their presentation.

In this panel they will show the main features of their work:

-         A map of the country showing the distribution of climates.

-         pictures with different biome and climate features (Weather, main trees, plants & animals)

-         Two climate diagrams

-         The most outstanding things you have discovered

-         Some little explanations of theses aspects. 


-         Internet/Computers

-         Printer
Presentations were carried out in January 2013. Below you can read and download some of the presentations and panels students created.


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