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Comenius Quiz

SUBJECT:  Geography

TEACHERS: Eduardo Riol & Encarna Romero

LEVEL:  3rd ESO (14 years old)

NAME OF ACTIVITY: Comenius Quiz.

STATE OF THE ACTIVITY: Finished (April 2012). 


On the ocassion of Sant Jordi's day (23th April 2012), students of 3rd ESO will participate in a great quiz contest. They will have to answer

several geographical questions about the other Comenius countries. These questions will be created by themselves, after the "Geographies of

Europe" essays they will do throughout the current scholar year.  

They will mix up in different teams where there will be an "specialist" of each Comenius country. This will make easier to answer the questions

 for everybody.


The Comenius quiz was very successful. Students enjoyed it very much and answered properly many of the questions.

You can check the questions and the answers below:

Eduardo Riol Carvajal,
4 Jan 2013, 04:15
Eduardo Riol Carvajal,
4 Jan 2013, 04:15