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Geographies of Europe

SUBJECT:  Geography

TEACHER: Eduardo Riol

LEVEL:  3rd ESO (14 years old)

NAME OF ACTIVITY: Geographies of Europe

STATE OF THE ACTIVITY: Finished (April 2012)


The students of 3rd ESO will form different groups. They will choose a Comenius 

country to study, focusing in aspects such as physical geography, society, economy, 

politics or culture.

They will create panels with information and statistics. They will also carry out a workshop to explain their fellows what they have learnt.

The aim of this activity is the knowledge of the main socioeconomic and cultural facts of the participant Comenius countries. The research of 

accurate data will let them discover new aspects of life and will help them to overcome previous stereotypes about these nations.


You can see and download some presentations below. Students' essays are also available at the  "Getting to know the other countries" section.

Social and economic geography of Hungary

Culture and society of Estonia

Political Geography of Estonia

Culture and society of Hungary

Political geography of Hungary

Society and culture of Poland

Social and economic geography of Poland

Economic and social geography of Italy

Social and economic geography of Estonia

Society and culture in Italy