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Current affaires in our partner countries

SUBJECT: Current affaires in our partner countries

TEACHER: Carmen Hoyas Muñoz

LEVEL: 1r Batxillerat B (16 years old)

NAME OF ACTIVITY: ”Comenius  countries in the media”

STATE OF THE ACTIVITY: Finished (May 2012)


Working in groups, the students will gather information published in the media along the week, and they will post it every Tuesday  at a board in the hall of the school, in order to share this information with all the students.

They will also look for information about the history of the Comenius countries and elaborate a short guide about the major events from every country history.


Any kind of board to post the news in the hall and, if possible ,a computer with a projector for an exhibition about  the major events from every country history.


For several months we have been following the news about our Comenius partners. We have searched in Spanish newspapers and digital press, and afterwards, the information has been translated into English, and displayed on our “notice board”.

As for the issues, there was a lot of sports news available, but we have only selected economy, politics and accident and crime reports.  Regarding the countries, we have found news about Italy and Portugal easily. There were less about Hungary and Poland. And finally, the most difficult was to find current information about Estonia.

Now we know you better!