123 picapared

Name of game:  1,2,3 pica paret  (one, two, three, bites wall)


Other names: 1,2,3, pajarito inglés


Number of players: what you want.


Play Area: where you want  


Material: for this game just need a wall.



We begin by looking from a wall and it will mark a distance of 7 to 10 m.

 The player who stops shall be installed facing the wall. The rest will be placed in a line parallel to the wall at the beginning of the marked area.

Start the game and the player that takes a few blows with the palms on the wall, while saying "One, two, three, bites wall".

 While performing this operation, the other players are rapidly approaching him, but with care not to be seen by as this that at the end of the sentence, he turns quickly and if someone catches will move back to the point out.

The game continues in the same way until one player is close enough to touch the wall as to who is stopping, thus forcing him to stop again.

 So if a player is caught before returning to the starting line, it will be the to stop at the next game.


Video: http://youtu.be/23TVNdOGloc