Name of game:  Pitxi

Other names:  “Pichi” (Spanish)

Number of players:

Two teams – unlimited numbers of players in each team

Play Area:

A plane ground


Tennis ball, something for making bases and a stick to strike the ball


A player is placed at the base for launch with a ball in his hands. The players of the defending team are placed strategically to prevent the ball touches the ground. A player of the attacking team is placed in the position for strike. When everyone is placed, the person who launches the ball launches the ball to the batter who tries to hit it as far as possible and doing that his team can do a round -and win one point-. When the defending team eliminates three players of the attacker team, they change the places -the team who is attacking defends and the team who is defending attacks-.  When you do a number of points, you decided how many points, you win.


Video:  www.comeniusmercerodoreda.eu