Polis i lladres

Name of game: Polis i lladres (polices and thieves).

Other names: Polis y cacos (Spanish)

Number of players: Minimum of 12 players

Play Area: Everywhere.

Material: T-shirt of different colours.

Description: The group of police officers has to count to 100 and in the meantime, the thieves have to hide. Once the cops just told to go search for the robbers.

To catch a thief, the police will have to touch him. Once caught, the cop must take him a her to jail, it will be a space that has been decided at the beginning. The thieves can save his fellow crooks. How? They have to come to jail, without any police catch them, and just slapping the hand of the thief caught and is free.

Also, if the thieves are in jail make a chain, this means that if you play the hand that is in the end is all saved.

The game is set during the time longer, which can be 20 minutes. When time is up, it blows the end of the game and is counting the number of thieves who are in prison. And then plays in reverse, thieves become policemen. There will also be counted. The winner is the team that has scored have more thieves in jail at final of the game.

Video: http://youtu.be/ocMXr9Fl2-8