Name of game: Xarranca (“hopscotch”)


Other names: Nonet, Palet, Xinga, Eixarranca i Sambori


Number of players: About five.


Play Area: A square flat.


Material: chalk and a flat stone



 The mark down the shuffleboard. In turns each player throws a stone into the flat playing. It begins with 1 and goes up. The stone must fall within the box without touching the edges. So is the journey of hopscotch in the following way: we go through all the boxes, on, skipping the box that has the stone, lame walk without stepping on the lines or play with the other foot on the floor.

If the route of those boxes on the cross and if either of the boxes is not the one with the stone to reach these put one foot in each. At the last box and turns back to the beginning. When you are in the box above to that of the stone must bend down and grab it and return it to the top. If during this tour at some point the player with the other foot touches the floor or steps on a stone throw line or fails either the box passes the turn. When does the tour continues to the next field until you have done all.


Video.: http://youtu.be/T7PIlcG61eA