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The activity exposed is named Deconstructing Guinovart. It has been created by students of 4th ESO. 

"Deconstructing Guinovart is one of the activities that our High-School is developing for the Comenius association we belong to. Our aim is to show a contemporary Catalan artist to both local and foreign students. As our project is called Breaking Stereotypes, we wanted to focus on a different artist, not as famous as Dalí or Miró.
The image you can see is a copy on the painting Blanc i ulls (White and eyes) by the artist Josep Guinovart. We transferred the original painting to 25 divided plastified sheets that represent the whole picture. In this way, we have deconstructed Guinovart's work to build it up again.

We will cange the order of the panels every month, so we will create new pictures or paintings inspired on the original one.
Copying the original painting has helped us to know it better. At the same time, the fact of doconstructing and rebuilding it allow us to enjoy many artistic possibilities in Guinovart's Blanc i ulls".

You can take a look to the deconstructing process HERE.

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