Students' experiences

Mario Acosta, 15 years old. 4th ESO
-Will you travel to Russia, won’t you?
- No, I’m sorry; I’ll travel to Estonia.
-Estonia? What’s that?
 Before I went to Estonia I was used to hear this kind of questions, people didn't know anything about Estonia (me neither). But now I think that Estonia is a really AMAZING country. My stay there was very nice, although I have to say that I was a little bit frightened before arrive there, because I was going to live 6 days with other culture, and it was a new experience for me. But I didn’t have any problem and my adaptation was really quick. What I especially like about Estonia was people (they are hospitality, pleasant and they aren’t cold and serious, they’re really funny!), monuments (Tallinn has beautiful places, I  loved Alexander Nevski’s Cathedral) and food (It’s cheap and delicious!).
Estonia is, definitely, an advanced and cultured country and I think we’ve to learn a lot from it. I’ve enjoyed this wonderful experience!
Thank you so much INS Mercè Rodoreda! Thank you Europe, and LET'S BREAK STEREOTYPES!

Andrea Arenas, 15 years old, 4th ESO

"Comenius has been a unique and unrepeatable opportunity. In Estonia, I've been treated very well and Estonians have shown me they aren't cold persons as I thought at first. I have met met marvellous people who I'm still in contact with. My host family welcomed me and made me feel like home. I'm very thankful. If I had the opportunity, I would repeat it again. No doubt."

Èlia Tomeo, 16 years old, 1st Batxillerat

"My experience in Tallinn was  surprising, satisfactory and fun.
I liked very much all programmed activities. They were very useful to learn about the city of Tallinn and the country of Estonia. The most surprising thing for me was the treat with the people and their way of being. Before the travel I had some stereotypes of Estonian people but I completely broke them after visiting them.
I loved to get to understand their culture and habits, but especially to meet people of other countries that had the same age as me".

Judit Villena, 16 years old, 1st Batxillerat

"My experience in Estonia was unforgettable. When I arrived in Estii I was very nervous because I thought that the families and their culture were very different, so we were supposed to have little thing in common. It is true that we are quite different but the family was very heart kind, friendly, funny and very hospitable. I think that I have learnt more English in this travel than ever. I liked very much the trip to Estonia, knowing other cultures and meeting other people. I think that the title: Breaking Stereotypes is appropriate because I broke many stereotypes even if I have confirmed some others. 
I do think that everybody should visit many countries and break stereotypes. I believe that this travel was a present and a wonderful opportunity for me" Thank you!"