Contest for Hungary's mobility


The purpose of this research is to find information about the most important facts and changes in the social condition of women in Spain along the XX Century. We will be directing the attention to the following periods:

 1)     The beginning of the 20th Century

2) The decade of the 30s : II Republic and Civil War

3)  Franco´s  dictatorship

4)  Democracy  

You specially have to investigate about: 

-           The beginning of feminism in Spain : the most important vindications.  

-           Economic, social and educative inequalities men/women at the beginning of the XX Century.

-          The main changes from 1931 to 1939: many new rights and women´s and participation in the civil war…)

-          Women’s role in the dictatorship: “ La Sección femenina”, and  women´s education.

-          Changes and new legislation from 1975 : women´s legal ability was restored and extended

-          Important women:  Federica Montseny, Dolores Ibárruri, Clara Campoamor, Victoria Kent, Francesca Bonnemaison.

       -     Fashion and woman in every period

You must use the following information (statistics, graphics, texts, pictures and links) to do this work (have a look at the teacher’s web, where you will find audiovisual resources from Youtube). There’s no need to carry out a very long research,  but it is very important to add pictures, with one short explanation, from photographers like:

Josep Brangulí

Francesc  Català i Roca

Agustí Centelles

Xavier Miserachs


You have to do a timeline with the information added at the end of the  following pages  (Brief History of Spain).

You can use oral sources too.

Powerpoint deadline: 6th February