Students' experiences

Ana Torrecilla. 15 years old. 4th ESO.

"Days before went to Hungary I was frightened because I didn’t know what I would find there, but when I arrived I was surprised positively. The family that welcomed me was very nice and they treated me as one more of them. The food was very good, even better than here. I met a lot of people and I hope that I will see them soon. All the students were very nice and polite and I have practised a lot of English with them. I’m very happy to have participated on the Comenius. It was a great experience in my life and it allowed me to know the culture of other European countries".

Carlos Rodríguez. 15 years old. 4th ESO.

"Taking part in the Comenius project has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. When you travel with your family or on your own, you can visit a country like a tourist, seeing the most important places and that's all. But, on the Comenius, you visit the country on a different way, better in my view, because you get involved in the country's everyday life and, moreover, as our Comenius project's name suggests, you "break the stereotypes" that you had about that country and you realize that we are really not that different".

Marina Sánchez. 16 years old. 4th ESO.

"Being part of the Comenius project is an unique experience, a different experience. I met many people from different countries and I realized that we are not as different as I had previously thought. Before arriving to Hungary I was afraid I could not understand local people. I also wondered if the family I were to live with would be nice. But in the end everything went perfect. The family that hosted me was marvellous. I practiced English and I had a great time with everyone. I liked all the places we visited and I made new friends. I'm very happy to keep in touch with Dorina, the girl who welcomed me in Györ (Hungary). This summer we will meet again because she's coming to my home and I'm really excited about it. I'm very happy to have participated in this fantastic project".

Helena Briegas. 15 years old. 4th ESO.

"Comenius project has been a very good experience. We met a lot of people from different European countries. We did not speak an excellent English, but we managed to understand each other and to improve our skills. All the Hungarian families, teachers and students have been very nice to us. I was delighted to meet so many people from different countries. The travel was very interesting because we have had the oportunity to know more about other countries and cultures.
I hope more people can enjoy this experience. I would like to live this one more time...".