Day 3. Monday 22nd April 2013. Working Day.

On Monday the 22nd April, Comenius teachers and students came to our school at 09:00, together with local TV, that recorded some of the activities of that day. They were received by the INS Mercè Rodoreda's Headmaster. After his welcome speech at the library, students started the first workshop of the day: the Comenius Journal. They gathered in international groups to create six different journals. The journals included interviews, experiences, articles about culture, food and facts of the six Comenius countries previously prepared at local high-schools. The performance of this workshop was excellent. Local teachers made photocopies from the originals, so each high-school will keep an original journal and a copied version of the others.

After the break, we started the second workshop, called "The Comenius forest". Art & Crafts local teachers had previously prepared a great mural at the entrance of the school with six trees, each one representative of a country. Students wrote sentences in paper leafs about their Comenius experiences. They painted them in an artistic way and then they hang them in the mural. Again, the result was beautiful.

After lunch, Comenius teachers and students had an official reception at the city hall. Canceller Mr. Lluís Esteve received the scholar community and after his speech he gave a book about the city to the visitant high-schools.

Finally, we took a guided tour to La Pedrera, one of the most famous buildings by Gaudi.