Students' experiences

Claudia Gómez. 16 years old. 1st Batxillerat.

Thanks to the Comenius project I was able to enjoy an unique experience in Maia, Portugal.

The day teachers told me I would be going there I got really happy bacause I was looking forward to take part of it.

In Portugal I met many people from other countriesand I still keep on touch with them.

I spent five days with a lovely family that treated my very well. They made me feel as if I were at home. 

Of course, we were able to practice English. Surprisingly we came out pretty well.

What I mean with this is that the Comenius mobility I enjoyed is an experience I would repeat again and again. I really recommend it to 

everyone. It was amazing. If you ever have the chance to live it, don't think it twice!

Leia Jiménez. 16 years old. 1st Batxillerat.

This trip has been an awesome experience for me because it has let me know a lot of new people and it has given me the 

opportunity to know a country (Portugal) that I had never visited before.

At first, I thought that it would be a bit difficult to communicate with the other Comenius students because they had very 

different origins, but at the end there was a great atmosphere among us and we are still in contact.

And finally, the thing I enjoyed the most of the trip was the fact that I met Bianca, the Portuguese girl in whose place I 

spent that week, with whom I established a great connection since the beginning. 

For all these reasons and many more, I think that the Comenius project should continue so that many students like me can 

have this amazing experience.

Xavier Jiménez. 17 years old. 1st Batxillerat.

"This trip has been an unique experience.

I had the chance to travel to Maia, Portugal, thanks to the participation of our High School on the “Breaking Stereotipes 

Comenius project”.  I really felt like taking part on it. I was lucky to go with some fellows of my school degree, Leia, Adrià 

and Clàudia and also with teachers Eduardo Riol and Ricardo Tarancón. 

I have learnt many topics and values of each participant country and I have  also practiced English. I got to know many 

students from different places and established friendship with them.

It has been an unforgettable experience and I think the High School should continue to carry on this kind of international 

projects. Nevertheless it is a pity that only four students can travel each time. There should be more of them enjoying 

this experience, as I did".