Our high school is located in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. It is called Mercè Rodoreda, honouring the famous catalan writer

L'Hospitalet is the biggest suburb of Barcelona's metropolitan area, with some 255.000 inhabitants. The town mixes industrial and tertiary services, being home to the Fira of Barcelona and the Plaça Europa Bussiness area. It also hosts some Spanish  enterprises headquarters, such as Spanair, Filmax or DAS.

It was created in 1977 as the population of the town grew steadily in that time. 
It is located in a industrial area of L'Hospitalet but very close to the town centre.

We have 59 teachers and some 765 students. Catalan, Spanish, English and French are taught in the high-school.

We have some 590 students in secondary and pre-university education (6 levels): 
- There are four groups in very level from the first level to the fourth level of ESO (Secondary education). 
- There are two groups in upper levels (first and second level of pre-university education).
They come from most of the public primary school of the area.

We have 175 students in the medium-level technical degrees.
Students' social extract ranges from low-medium to medium-high class.

We are envolved in diferents projects such as:
- language projects (GLOTTA, Comenius, peer to peer conversation groups)
- Prevention of gender-based violence
- Women cultural achievements programme
- Theatre group
- Chorus 
- Sports leagues 
- Mediation (pacific resolution of conflicts)
- Plan for reading and writing skills improvement 
- Promotion of local cultural folk and traditions